Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Series: Comedy, the third

On to the third and (for now) last part of comedy in my series installement. Don't worry, there are a lot of other genres to talk about ^.~
City dwellers Tessa and her Dad move from New York to the suburbs - plastic blonds, annoying neighbours and school bitch all inclusive. Enjoyable and amusing with a slight down in the second series. 3 seasons 'til now. and Hungry
Food blogger Gabi lands a job as personal chef for tech entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Josh. Also working for him are his housekeeper outspoken Yolanda and Rex his publicist and organisational talent. Cute and quirky - looking forward to the second season.
When the last of his friends gets married it's time for Danny to find a new roommate. Meet: Justin and his friends, who all struggle to find 'the one'. A group in which everyone has its quirks. Definitively something for me (maybe you have quessed this form my previous posts XD). Second season in planning.

There are a few series of this fall season that catched my eye, from whom I watched only the pilots until now. Here is what I thought. Liked: Selfie and A to Z - going to watch them. Not sure about: Manhattan Love Story - maybe I will know more after the next episodes. Not going to watch: Bad Judge and Backpackers - just not funny, in my perspective anyway. 
I'm also thinking about watching Cristela, which starts this week.

What series do you like? Are you especially axcited about a new start? Did I miss a comedy? Would like to hear your thoughts.

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