Mittwoch, 20. August 2014

Series: Comedy, the second

One post wasn't enough for Comedy. I remembered so many series after writing the last post I just had to write another one and a third one is planned - serious addict here. But that's only good for you, more to choose from!

Black Books
If you like dark, british humor this one is made for you. Bernhard is the owner of a small book store, who is more interested in reading than in selling books. Besides books, zigarettes and alcohol are is biggest vices. He hires optimistic, cheerful Many as a help. Bernhards friend and fellow store owner Fran completes the chaotic trio. Completed in 3 seasons.

Coupling follows the lifes and the search for love of a group of friends. A common concept for humorous series and here very well done. The group consists of coupls Steve and Susan, his ex Jand and his weird friend Jeff (every group needs his nerd). As well to the group belong Susan's ex Patrick and her beauty obsessed friend and beauty salon owner Sally. Completed in 4 seasons.

Videogamedesigner Patrick, his best friend Augustín and waiter Dom are the gay trio, that lives in San Francisco and on which this series revolves around. Funny and a guy for everyones taste. Second season in planning.

Baby Daddy
Do you know the film 'Three man and a cradle' from the 80s? The original is French, but there is an American remake. The series is what the film title predicts. It doesn't matter if the series is inspired by the film or not it definitely seems llike a modern series version of it. Through a ring on the door Ben mets his daughter Emma, which he had with a one-night stand. His decision to take care of the baby not only affects his life, but also that of his flatmates (his brother Danny and his best friend Tucker). And not only because his mother decides to move in the neighbourhood. 4th season in planning.

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