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Series: Science Fiction

Next to coffee my biggest addiction are: TV Series. And because they are definitely easier to share than a cup of coffee I am going to talk a bit about my favourites. But a simple list of 50 or more items wouldn't be interesting (neither for you, nor for me) I thought I split it into different categories. The start makes one of my favourite genres: Science Fiction

Doctor Who
Since I am not able to put 50 years of TV history in a few sentences, just as much: Doctor Who is the longest running Science Fiction series. It centers around an humanoid alien - the Doctor - who is traveling through time in a blue box. Need I say more? Until now 33 seasons exist. But I would recommend you to start with the 2005er ones. They are a good introduction to the series and you only had to catch up to 7 seasons ^.~
The Doctors blue box, better known as TARDIS

All versions of the Doctor
A group of rebels travels from the year 2077, where companies rule, to the year 2012 to change the furure. Accidentally a police officers tags along. While she tries to safe the future she knows, she more often has to ask herself if her future is worth it. 3 series until now.

A town full of brilliant scientists and among them the 'ordinary' sheriff and his daughter. Funny and full of peculiar inventions, on which maybe someone somewhere is working on. Concluded in 5 seasons. (Oh, and the odd bit of time travel - guess I'm repeating myself...)

Warehouse 13
Taking a place in the same universum as Eureka. A team of agents on the search of supernatural artefacts, which than get stored in Warehouse 13. It's somewhere between police drama and adventure series - brilliant!!

Falling Skies
An alien invasion and how a group of people handles it. Throughout the series both the humans and the aliens develop new strategies and leagues. Fourth season just started.

Orphan Black
A young woman observes how someone who looks just like her commits suicide. While she takes the womans place she discovers more 'versions' of herself spreaded throughout the world. The responsilbe companies soon discovers her and brings her and the other clones in danger. Tatjana Maslany as football mum, transgender, scientist and more is ingenious.

Humans and different alien races try to get along on a terraformed earth. It mainly takes place on Defiance (previously St. Louis) and in the center are the new lawman and his alien adoptive daughter, but also the other inhabitants. Second season just started.

My tip for series: Watch at least two or three episodes to be sure if the series is for you or not. I seldom sort out a series after one episodes (but be aware it can be dangerous - there are two many good series around:)

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