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Series: Comedy

I really love a good comedy and in a series format it's perfect for watching a few episodes before going to bed - but be aware of the danger of going: 'it's just 30 minutes it's still time for another episodes' too often.
I'm not going to talk about the obvious ones everyone seems to like. (Friends, which is an all time favourite of mine. In case of most comedys I liked when I was younger I can't seem to comprehend now why. But Friends I liked when I watched it in German dubbing as a teen and I still liked it when I watched it in the original version in my twenties. How I  met your Mother although I kinda expected the ending, I really wish it was different. The Big Bang Theory, which I liked, but with every season it has gotten worse - there is no character development and the same jokes over and over again.)

2 Broke Girls
When her fathers Ponzi scheme is discovered Caroline Channing has to work in a Williamsburg Diner. There she befriends Max, with whom she moves in and tries to start a succesfull cupcake business. They have a lot of quirky co-workers/ neighbours. The humour is sometimes quite course, but I often have a good laugh watching it. 3 seasons until now.

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Hot in Cleveland
Three best friends on her way to Paris. As their lifes are in shambles, they decide to move to Cleveland when her plane makes an emergency landing. The House they lease comes with a sassy caretaker (played by Betty White). The series follows the four on their quest to love. Watch to see which one of them is the most successful. Really funny and a lot of great guest stars. 5th season running at the moment.


Cougar Town
The show centers around neighbours living in a cul-de-sac and their friends and family. Hard to describe all that is going on. The show centers around a single-mom, who works as a real-estate agent. Her son. Her co-worker. Her homeless ex-husband. Her friends the neighbouring couple. Their creepy neighbour. And the guy who lifes across the street and owns a bar, which is a meeting place for the lot. Really funny and especially great are the changing captions in the opining. 6th and final season in planning.

Melissa and Joey
When her Sister goes to prison Mel Burke is faced with the challenge of taking care of her teenage niece and nephew. As nanny she hires Joe Longo, who is broke after the Ponzi scheme wich brought her sister into prison. The series follows the four as they are trying to manage living together. It's a typical series where you just wait for the two main characters to finally fall in love, muster the courage to tell each other and start a relationship. Which I love it is done in the right pace and you don't have to wait forever for it to finally happen. Not going to spoil here if they manage or not - that you have to see for yourself.


British couple Sean and Beverly don't know what to do when they are offered the chance to make an American version of their award-winning series. Deciding to venture the step they not only have to deal with driving on the 'wrong' side of the street, but also with the network trying to fundamentally changing their show. 4th season starting in October.


When it is discovered that his law degree is fake Jeff Winger has to enroll to Greendale Community College to get a real one. To win a girl over he starts a study group for the two of them. But Britta invites some of her classmates. Next to cool Jeff and former activist Britta there are film geek Abed, former highschool star quarterback Troy, single mom Shirley, innocent overachieving Annie in the group and perverted, racist millionaire Pierce. The first three seasons are especially brilliant. 6th Season in planning.


Puh, this got a bit longer than I planned - and I really had to cut it down to a few favourites. Funnily enough most of them I started because I liked one or some of the partaking actors. In this list there are two series with former Friends stars (Matt LeBlanc in Episodes and Courtney Cox-Arquette in Cougar Town. Oh, and Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice on Friends guest starred in Hot in Cleveland.) I started Melissa and Joey because I really loved Melissa Joan Hart in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains it all. Betty White in Hot in Cleveland is brilliant. And although I was really happy to see Matt LeBlanc in Episodes I started it because of Tamsin Greig, who plays Beverly, as I think she was great in Black Books (watch it if you are a fun of british humour, although it didn't make the list it is brilliant.)
Hope you guys found some interesting Comedys for you. I also would love to here some suggestions as I'm always on the look out for new series to watch.

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