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Science Fiction Series: The Classics

Let's talk more about Science Fiction!!! or: The Second part of the my favourite series series. In this post it's all about classic Science Fiction. When I think about the classics Science Fiction wise I think about Spaceships (probably because I've grown up with Star Trek and similar). For the sake of this post it will be all thats from the 90s or 2000s; or what I watched in my schooldays (or what I could have watched in the time... thinking about Firefly here what I discovered way to late). As I watched all of this some time ago and I think most of you will know them it's going to be more about my general impression than whats actually happens in them. I have linked the Wikipedia articles through the pictures though...

Star Trek
Which one exactly? The Original Series? Enterprise? Voyager? Deep Space Nine? Next Generation? (Hope I didn't forget one.) And there are the films as well... I think I have seen Next Generation at first, so that had to be my favourite, but I liked them all. Deep Space Nine was a bit slow at the start, but with season 3 its definitively gotten better.
Nicest of the logos^^

I started Andromeda because it was from Gene Roddenberry, I liked Star Trek and it kind of belonged to the classic Spaceship Science Fiction for me. Andremoda was nice, but it got weird in the last season. But I really liked the secondary characters. (I do most of the time. For me a good series always needs good ones as I often like their storys more.)

Space cowboys and probably the series with the biggest fan protest after a to early cancellation. Enough of a description. For me anyway. There was the film as a little consolation (which I still haven't seen because a friend spoiled it and I don't want to watch certain people die...)

Again which one? SG1? Atlantis or Universe? And again there are the films... I really liked SG1 and Atlantis. Discovering new worlds is always a big plus for me when it comes to Science Fiction. Universe on the other hand wasn't for me. Mainly for optical reasons - I didn't like the wobbly camera work and the mainly grey tones of the series.

Similar to Stargate it was the discovering of new worlds that drew me to sliders (and that it was on German TV directly before/after Doctor Who). Only, in Sliders it's parallel worlds.  Sometimes it's just minor details, sometimes the worlds are entirely different. France as world power. A world where you move backwards through time? The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately about after a half of the series it's went downhill for me so that I didn't watch until the end... maybe I give it another try.


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