Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Who we are - obviously the English version

As we are planning on doing the blog both in English and in German, here the English version of our introduction. In the following both languages will be in the same posts.

Coffee and Tea in detail:

Hi, I'm the 'coffee' part of our Team and I like books, series, chocolate and of course coffee XD
You can find fantasy and science fiction on my bookshelf, but also crime novels, historical fiction and classic chick lit. While I prefer fantasy over science fiction in books it is the other way around in TV series. But for both cases the most important parts for me are story and style. If I like those two the genre doesn't really matter.
I would describe my look as somewhere between chic and comfortable, but with a strong tendency towards comfort. Make-up wise: I do have a lot of it, especially nail polish and lipstick, but it definitely could be used more.

Coffee's Latte macchiato from Krakau

As a passionate non-coffee-drinker I get asked if we meet up for coffee/cocoa instead of simply get asked out on coffee. Next to this, frown inducing quirk, I'm excited about cats, spiders, snakes and sharks in various forms. Discworld, fantasy and action novels fill my shelves and certain rock, metal, and classical music my ears.
In black clothes I feel most comfortable. Make-up and style depend on the day and are varying from corp-goth to rockabilly to comfy. 

Tea's oldest tea cup filled with Earl Grey

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